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Holiday Greetings to all…and a request…


“Elections have consequences”.  It’s an oft repeated phrase…particularly in Wisconsin’s Northwoods.  As we have learned, if we are not involved in choosing the people to represent us, we might find out that they don’t.  We just found that out, and it’s a hard and bitter lesson.

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Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative Update



We continue to work on our bill, which is still a work in progress.  Currently, thought is being given to additions that will include some of the local authority that was removed in Act 55.  We are also reviewing the Rep. Jarchow bills (now numbering 3) which continue to remove local control and place these new restrictions in statute, making corrections much more difficult.   The reason for putting state government in control of local issues continues to mystify everyone on both sides of the political aisle, but leadership, in this very unsettled legislative environment has yet to challenge or exert guidance or control.  We are not yet in jeopardy of being too late for the next floor session.  However, nothing in this legislative period is a sure thing.  The current relationship between the Senate and Assembly continues to become increasingly more contentious, as do relationships within the majority party.  

Below is a summary of the new bill (Senator Lassee and Rep. Jarchow) that addresses private property rights and shoreland property and lakes for your information.  Writing your elected representatives is critically important now to prevent this misguided legislation from going forward.  I will be sending all a notification of the public hearing dates on this bill, which will be coming up in January.
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Draft Bill – LRB−3359/P5

December 6, 2015


Click here for the most recent version of the bill.  It was drafted as a LRB P5 (marked preliminary draft) so that we can receive input from you. It will then be immediately converted to a LRB/1 as soon as we have reviewed and considered responses.  It is the only bipartisan bill addressing the shoreland zoning changes and we believe has an excellent chance for passage and becoming law.  It has been a real struggle to get where we are now and, when passed, will represent the achievement of our goal set last August.  We are circulating it for your information.  Suggestions for changes should be sent to us at: .

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We Have a Bill!


November 24, 2015


We have a bill!  It is now in its 4th draft, each representing a week of time.  The proposed legislation is now being fine-tuned in meetings with sponsors and this process will continue for another two to three weeks.  This bill will then be given a number and introduced prior or at the next floor session in January.  I must tell you that for me, a non-political person, this was a new experience for me.  “The birthing of an elephant” is a phrase that comes to mind.

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Contact your Legislators about Act 55

Dear Lake Association Colleagues:

Now is the time to contact our state senators and Assembly members to voice our concerns about the shoreland zoning provisions slipped into the state budget (Act 55) in June.

Below is a sample letter that includes key points that we hope will make it easy for your members to contact their legislators directly.  Some may wish to use the sample over their own signature/s.  Preferably, many will use the information in the sample to draft a letter in their own words.

Either way, it is important to include at least a sentence or two about your concerns/fears/issues affecting your lake and your family as a result of the shoreland zoning provisions. Your personal concerns are a powerful message. 

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Shoreland Legislation Eliminates Local Control and Threatens Loon Nesting Success


Shoreland Legislation Eliminates Local Control and Threatens Loon Nesting Success

Dear Loon Enthusiasts,

We are writing to inform LoonWatch supporters of a proposal before the state legislature that would have negative impacts on Wisconsin’s loon population and take away local control to protect lakes (budget motion #520, paragraph 23).  As lakeshore property owners and lake users, it is important to understand how this legislation will directly affect your lake.  The following questions and answers are meant to provide clarification of the ramifications if this legislation is passed.

Read more in the latest Loon Watch Update.

From runoff to ruin: The undoing of Minnesota’s lakes

Land use did the damage; much of it can’t be undone. In some parts of the state, however, there’s still hope.   Read more:  StarTribune Article

If 75 percent of a lakeshore remains mainly forested, the chance of maintaining lake quality is good. But when natural cover falls below 60 percent, lakes begin to deteriorate. (BRIAN PETERSON • [email protected])

Wisconsin DNR Shoreland Zoning Information

Information from the Wisconsin DNR

Wisconsin DNR Shoreland Zoning Information

Tiffany Should Work to Restore Local Control

An open letter to the voters of northern Wisconsin.

Read more at the Vilas County News-Review

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