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Wither Our Water


Steve Pearson | Leader columnist

Major changes in the regulation of our pristine lakes, rivers and other waterways in Wisconsin, changes that take power away from local governments and concentrate it at the state level, have occurred in the past year with more being proposed. No longer will local communities be able to decide how to take care of their lakes and rivers, more pollution-filtering wetlands will be filled in, exemptions will be allowed for obtaining a permit to discharge hazardous or toxic wastes into wetlands and there will be fewer protections for lake beds and other special waterways in our state. All of these changes have one thing in common, Rep. Adam Jarchow of Balsam Lake.

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Holiday Greetings to all…and a request…


“Elections have consequences”.  It’s an oft repeated phrase…particularly in Wisconsin’s Northwoods.  As we have learned, if we are not involved in choosing the people to represent us, we might find out that they don’t.  We just found that out, and it’s a hard and bitter lesson.

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From runoff to ruin: The undoing of Minnesota’s lakes

Land use did the damage; much of it can’t be undone. In some parts of the state, however, there’s still hope.   Read more:  StarTribune Article

If 75 percent of a lakeshore remains mainly forested, the chance of maintaining lake quality is good. But when natural cover falls below 60 percent, lakes begin to deteriorate. (BRIAN PETERSON • [email protected])

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