Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative

To:  All Wisconsin Lake Associations                                                           October 31, 2015

From:  John Richter

Last week, a new Corporation was formed, THE WISCONSIN SHORELAND INITIATIVE, Inc.  It has been created as a 501(c)4 to allow it to fulfill its primary mission, politically advocating for issues of critical importance for our lakes on behalf of all Wisconsin lake associations.  It will begin operation with the guidance of the legislative team from Plum Lake Association and other associations as we add to the steering committee.  By laws and Articles of Incorporation are being created and new contributions from individuals and Associations will be directed to this entity.

It is the intention of Plum Lake Association to create this “Umbrella” group to carry on the work we have started, and you have participated in, defending our lakes against those who would attack regulations designed to protect the quality of our lakes and to advocate for intelligent regulation that will preserve our lake environment.  The mission of this organization will be tightly focused on that activity.

As we envision it, all donor lake associations will be founding members of The Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative (WSI) and the president or one designated person from each association will be welcomed to the board of directors.  It is our intent to have our first annual meeting in 2016.  At that meeting, this Board will elect an executive committee of 5 to 9 people who will form committees, operate the corporation and direct its activities.  It is our intention to engage a registered lobbyist for a modest retainer to keep an eye on the political landscape and advise us in the political arena. Time commitment for service on this Board will be very modest, but necessary.  It is anticipated that we will have only one meeting each year of the larger board.  Maintaining this organization to represent all of us is critical for the future protection of our lakes.  There are other liaison plans for WSI and we will be fleshing those out soon.

I will be asking representatives from 5 of our major contributing associations to join us on the steering committee as we begin to complete the identity of our new organization.  We will also seek to develop an Advisory Board of experts outside our associations.  We will be communicating regularly on our progress and will be seeking advice and ideas from all of you in the next few months.

Plum Lake Association will be closing its escrow account and we will provide a current financial report soon.  We will continue to pay expenses from that account until it is exhausted.  New donations should go to Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative, P.O. Box 193, Sayner, WI 54560.

Welcome to THE WISCONSIN SHORELAND INITIATIVE!  We have a new email address and the beginnings of a web site (still in development)– see the link below.  Later this year I will be contacting all member associations to provide contact information for their representative to this Board of Directors.


John Richter


Web site:  Wisconsinshoreland.org

Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative

The mission of the Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative is to develop and advocate for legislation, regulations and government programs to improve the environment of Wisconsin lakes, protect natural resources and stimulate the economy while conducting research about and publicizing the positions of elected officials concerning these issues.

Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative

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