To the Editor:

Dear Senator Tiffany and Assemblyman Swearingen (open letter),

While attending the Oneida County Zoning Board meeting last night (Feb. 27, 2017) it came to my attention that Wisconsin Bill 55 in 2015 “prohibits a county shoreland zoning ordinance from … imposing more restrictive shoreline zoning than those established by the DNR …” which according to NR 115.05 on page 145 “Lots not served by public sanitary sewer shall have a minimum average width of 100 feet …”

Thus you have voided the single most effective means that our zoning board had to control the pollution of our sacred lakes in the Northwoods. Shame on you for allowing this to happen.

Yet I am aware that this rule was part of a much larger budget bill that must have overwhelmed you. But now that you realize what a mistake this was, please fix it ASAP.

Thank you.

Jerry Woolpy