The Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative was formed by lake associations in the fall of 2015 to organize a response to the attack on our lakes and rivers by legislative amendment to the state budget. That amendment ended years of informed, data driven regulation through local control of riparian property. It also discarded our widely acclaimed lake classification system, which was the result of years of effort by thousands of people at a cost to the state of millions of dollars. It was this classification system that protected our fragile lake and river environs from degradation, preserving them as the foundation of our local economies and the Wisconsin tourism industry, the tax base that supports county government and the value of thousands of homes throughout our state.

In the 2016 legislative session, we were effective in communicating the risks associated with new bills that targeted our Wisconsin riparian lands, altering or preventing passage of a number of ill-advised bills that took great risk with lake and river resources. Much of this legislation would have resulted in immediate degradation of our lakes and rivers, affecting shallow-water habitat and threatening fish and wildlife resources.

In the next year, we will build a coalition to support repeal of the damaging legislation passed in the last session or to offer remedial legislation that returns control of our shorelands to local and county government and renews and expands our lake classification system as the foundation of shoreland zoning.

We are called upon now to act to protect our lakes and rivers. Our lake associations are the last line of defense. To ensure our success and the return of local regulation to our shorelands we will need the support of every lake association and all of their members.

Please join us. Contributions can be sent to:

Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative
PO Box 193
Sayner, WI 54560

For more information, contact us at [email protected]