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About the Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative


The Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative was formed by lake associations in the fall of 2015 to organize a response to the attack on our lakes and rivers by legislative amendment to the state budget. That amendment ended years of informed, data driven regulation through local control of riparian property. It also discarded our widely acclaimed lake classification system, which was the result of years of effort by thousands of people at a cost to the state of millions of dollars. It was this classification system that protected our fragile lake and river environs from degradation, preserving them as the foundation of our local economies and the Wisconsin tourism industry, the tax base that supports county government and the value of thousands of homes throughout our state.

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Legislative Alert – June 4, 2017

Reader responds to LWCC meeting

To the Editor:

I would like to make several comments on the Vilas County Land and Water Conservation Committee’s (LWCC) recent handling of the shoreline zoning petition put forth by the Wisconsin Shoreline Initiative.

No matter where on the political spectrum one sits or what one’s feelings are regarding shoreline zoning and Act 55, the citizens and taxpayers of Vilas County should, at the very least, be extremely disappointed in the LWCC’s handling of the petition.
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Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative

To the Editor:

After months of delay and conflicting guidance, the Vilas County Land and Water Conservation Committee yesterday (March 9) refused to consider a petition signed by seven town boards and 27 lake associations and committees calling for the return of local control of shoreland zoning and restoration of the county’s lake classification system.
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Letter to Tiffany and Swearingen

To the Editor:

Dear Senator Tiffany and Assemblyman Swearingen (open letter),

While attending the Oneida County Zoning Board meeting last night (Feb. 27, 2017) it came to my attention that Wisconsin Bill 55 in 2015 “prohibits a county shoreland zoning ordinance from … imposing more restrictive shoreline zoning than those established by the DNR …” which according to NR 115.05 on page 145 “Lots not served by public sanitary sewer shall have a minimum average width of 100 feet …”
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Violation of the First Amendment

To the Editor:

March 9, 2017 I attended an open meeting of the Vilas County Land and Water Conservation Committee held in the boardroom of the Vilas County Courthouse in Eagle River. At this meeting, I witnessed what I consider to be a direct violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and a violation of Article 1, § 1, and 4 of the Wisconsin Constitution. To better understand what I am writing this letter about I am going to quote from each of these documents.
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We need local control over our waters

To the Editor:

The callous disregard by some of our elected representatives for our free speech rights and the rules of open meetings and fair play is eye opening. The tactics used by some members at the recent meeting of the Vilas County Land and Water Conservation Committee were arbitrary and improper. As an attorney, it is my view that the role of the Corporation Counsel is to advise the County Board and its Committees on both law and policy related to their work, not to help them break the law, avoid open discussion of crucial issues or adopt policies that ruin our county.
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Petition Suppressed

Letter to the Editor

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